Sunday, April 13, 2014

Renewing my blog....

I was gone a long time.....

When I wrote my last post, my daughter looked like this:

 And now she looks more like this:

(Actually, this is from last summer-- she's even bigger now)
Then, I was at stay at home, brand new mom wondering what the future was going to be. Now I am a nursing student (although I am on semi-hiatus at the moment), the (somewhat) more experienced mom of an active three year old, and still wondering what the future will hold. So, I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same....
My plans for this renewed attempt at blogging are many and diverse. I have some bubbling thoughts on future posts (maybe even series) on society, crafting, home and all the wonderful bits in between. My goal is to, at first, attempt to post once a week, twice at the most, but that is likely to vary greatly (especially with a six week General Chemistry II course staring me in the face at the beginning of the summer-- gulp!), so we'll see.
So, for now, it is great to be back, great to have you stop by, and please, do so again soon!

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