Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back from hiatus, a funny story, and one silly girl

I have returned! I did not intend to take a hiatus from the blog, but as it turned out, General Chemistry II in six weeks plus my home duties was about the most I could handle and stay sane. This blog got shuffled off to the side. However, my class is finished (with a very acceptable-to-me B+), I have had oh so many great ideas for posts, and am excited to be back!


A Funny Story:

WARNING: This story involved an exploding diaper, so skip if that sort of thing grosses you out!

Lorelai in her car seat at about the time this story takes place

 In July of 2011, when Lorelai was 10 months old, we drove out to North Carolina for a family get-together with my mom's family. We drove straight there, had a wonderful time, and when we left, we drove with my mom back to her home. This story takes place while we were in transit to my mom's.
Mark was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and mom was in the back seat with Lorelai.
It was mid-afternoon, and we had been stuck in horrendous traffic practically from the moment we had crossed into Virginia, and the closer we crawled towards Washington, the worse it was getting. About an hour south of D.C., my mom suddenly said "Uh Oh!" I turned around and looked at her, fearing the worst. And it was so much worse than I could imagine. Lorelai had pooped, it had escaped her diaper, she was playing with it, and IT WAS EVERY WHERE!
Here we were, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, who knows how far from a safe place to pull over, and my daughter was happily smearing poop all over herself, her car seat, and the back of the car, and my poor mother was desperately trying to keep it contained.
Blessedly, at that exact moment, Mark noticed a sign for a rest stop-- that was blessedly open. We pulled off, and Mom and I carried the poop covered girl into the ladies room as soon as the car came to a complete stop.
It wasn't the filthiest public restroom I have ever been in. But it was probably in the top 5, certainly in the top 10! It had a diaper changing table-- right in front of the narrow entrance. That way not only did everyone get a good eyeful, but anyone entering and exiting (and there were a LOT of people coming into and out of that restroom) had to squeeze past the two ladies desperately trying to clean off the 10 month old. Who screamed her head off the entire time and did her very best to NOT co-operate! And our reward for cleaning the kid off and into clean clothes? We then had to figure out how to clean off her car seat and the car enough so that she could ride in it for the next three hours of our trip!
(For those curious, poor Mark was waiting outside, listening to her scream and feeling terrible that he couldn't help!)
One Silly Girl:
Tonight, as I was typing the story above in fact, I looked over to where Lorelai was sitting watching a DreamWorks animated movie about Joseph and his brothers (by the same people that made Prince of Egypt), and this is what I saw:
That is one silly girl!
This was shared as part of a Link-up at Splendor in the Home blog, Visit for other funny stories of diapers that got away, and possibly share your own!

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Christine said...

Thanks for being brave enough to join the link-up! I enjoyed reading your story again - it's always good to hear that these episodes happen to everyone at some point :-)